Letterpress Class - Beyond Beginner

In a town like Portland, rich with letterpress classes and top-notch places to learn to set type and make your first impressions, such as Oregon College of Art and Craft, Em Space Book Arts Center, and the IPRC, there are ample opportunities to take a beginning, or introductory level letterpress classes.

Finding a class that takes you a little farther than just "beginner" is a bit tougher. There are great classes available at all of the above mentioned places, but they're simply offered less frequently. That's why I think it's always a great time to jump on an intermediate level letterpress class.

Can you guess that this is a self-plug? There's still room in my upcoming Intermediate Letterpress class starting March 10. It's a five week class - just the right amount of time to get your hands dirty learning some new skills.

Visit OCAC's website - www.ocac.edu, or click here for the direct link to the studio school page to sign up. You can also click here for a full description of the class.