Salt & Pepper Plus Pink Wedding Guestbook or Photo Album

Salt & Pepper Plus Pink Wedding Guestbook or Photo Album


Completely one of a kind, this wedding or event guestbook is hand bound in a salt and pepper woven black and white rayon cloth, giving it a multi-tonal effect. Pink brocade-like silk covers the inner boards.

This book is definitely for the more adventurous when it comes to color schemes. The cover cloth is a "Duo" fabric which uses both black and white threads. The inner cover is a nubby pink silk with gold fibers interwoven. It's not smooth and shiny like some silks, but rather more like your favorite great aunt's drapes - in the best way possible! If you'd like samples of these cloths before committing, I'm happy to send them.

Each book is made entirely by hand from start to finish ~ it's sewn using Irish linen thread and case bound in my Portland studio.

This book measures 9.5 inches wide by 6.25 inches tall, and is 3/8 of an inch thick. It contains 20 pages of thick, 100 percent cotton paper with deckle edges.

What sets my handmade books apart from others you might find in paper and wedding shops is that I finish every edge - the cloth on the inside of the cover is actually a thin board completely covered in cloth, creating durability and an additional touch of refinement.

Shipped Priority Mail, wrapped beautifully and packaged securely.

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