Land & Sea Coloring Book for Adults and Children

Land & Sea Coloring Book for Adults and Children

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Introducing the Land and Sea coloring book! Coloring for adults has burst into popularity recently as an effective and enjoyable way to relax, meditate, and even heal mentally and physically.

This coloring book features eight of my own original illustrations, some derived from my printmaking work, and some original to this book. The detail has been described as "medium" in technicality and difficulty, making this an enjoyable book to use for both adults and children.

Each illustration is printed one-sided per page, so there's little worry about bleeding through while using pens to color. The paper is 70 lb. Strathmore Recycled Drawing, just slightly textured and perfect for colored pencils but thick enough for most colored pens (Sharpies will bleed through the back slightly - place a scrap sheet between the back of the drawing you're coloring and the next sheet to avoid bleeding through to the drawing behind it).

This book measures 8.5 x 11 inches, and will be mailed in a sturdy mailer between stiffening boards.

Please see photos 2 & 3 for a collage of the eight illustrations featured in the book!

Wholesale inquiries welcome.

Enjoy coloring!

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