Prototype Tote Bags

Prototype Tote Bags


These are totally functional and absolutely durable tote bags. They're prototype bags which helped me figure out all of the details before jumping into creating a full run.

These bags are constructed from 10oz army duck cotton canvas. The canvas has been pre-washed and printed with oil based ink. They're printed and constructed right here in my Portland studio!

Each bag has slightly different dimensions and different characteristics:

Bag 1 measures approximately 10.5" wide by 13" tall, with short, thick 1.5" straps with about a 4.5" drop. This bag would be better suited to carrying over your forearm or clutching like a small shopping bag rather than slinging over your shoulder.

** SOLD ** Bag 2 measures 11" wide x 13" tall with narrower, longer 1" straps. This bag's straps drop approximately 9.5 inches, which works for carrying over your shoulder.

Bag 3 is approximately 10" wide by 13" tall. The straps are 1" wide and 22" long, with a drop of about 9". The printing on this bag is not as dense and dark as the regularly priced bags, and has some unevenness.

Bag 4 has approximately the same dimensions as bag 3 but has very faded looking ink which is uneven in spots. Perfect for that vintage look! 

Bags have raw-edged seams, so the hem may fray a little when washed, but this won't affect the bags strength or functionality.

Strap Length:
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