While I was cleaning my studio, I came across this magazine my friend Steve found in a small town in Southern Oregon, and thought I might enjoy. It seems to be a journal of advertising art from 1930, but since most of it is in German, I can really only guess. It's not in great shape - the cover is missing - but the content is intact and it's really a great find.

I've been keeping this book in the letterpress studio for inspiration. Lately I've been settling into an appreciative state of trying to better work with the type that I have, rather than fight its limitations. A large majority of the type in my studio is modernist, geometric, or art deco, so I've been taking a look again at the Russian Constructivists, and German designers who were inspired by the Bauhaus, and graphic design from the 20s-30s.

Often what I try to do is blend a bit of that inspiration with a contemporary, and also almost regional sensibility. I'm working now on designs for the

New Oregon Interview Series

using those principles. I'll keep posting on my progress with that as it comes along.