more studio

The rain is splashing against the roof overhead, and the floor in my shop is buckling from the weight of my press and the wet earth pushing up from below. I'm working in a modified garden shed, after all.

But I am so content in my little shop, happy to have a warm, and mostly dry, place to hide out for hours at a time, listening to music, NPR, or a book on tape, and working. I can't believe this is my work! I'm so lucky.

Of all of the things I would like to accomplish in the next two months while my Etsy store is closed, I'm starting with organization. Now that my cutter is moved into my shop and the shelves are where they will probably stay permanently, I can get down to the task of sorting through my type.

So this morning, while the rain came down outside, I listened to This American Life and meticulously cleaned each piece of this 48 point Futura. It's been sitting in a box gathering dust and grime for ages, on top of the built up crust of ink left from previous owners who had left it for scrap. Now my job is to go through this stuff and see if any of it is usable. I'm crossing my fingers.

For now I'm stashing it in with the 48 point Futura Bold that I already have in a case. Plus I have more sizes of old and dirty Futura to go through. If it turns out to be usable, it may just become my main house typeface.