really, really. this time it's true.

For the millionth time, I'm about to announce that my website, the real deal, is almost ready.

This time it's true! I worked all weekend on the galleries - taking pictures while the light was good, editing, tweaking. I still have lots to do, but it will be up (at least in a bare bones form) by Thursday this week! I'm so excited!

On a related note - I've been meaning to mention the totally fantastic logo that


designed for me. I'm really thrilled with it. The white knockout version with the perforation graphic is what you see here on my blog and on the banner of

my Etsy shop

. I'm using the plain black and white version on my website. You can see a little more of its evolution in Precious'


on her new website.

I've also just received a huge supply of bookcloth and PVA. I'm going to be binding books and boxes like a crazy woman in the next few weeks!