a penny saved

I haven't been doing much linoleum carving in my work lately, but I think this latest project has kicked me out of my rut. I feel like I'm


, in a way.

I've been sketching before every project, testing the possibilities, fitting my thoughts on the paper.

This print will be up in the exhibit

"Power of the Press" at Portland Center Stage

throughout November and December. The exhibit is concurrent with a show being performed there called "Ben Franklin: Unplugged." The theme of the exhibit is letterpress work that plays off the spirit of Ben Franklin's "Poor Richard's Almanack."

For some reason, I've also discovered that I'm really attracted to pink...

what does that mean?

I worked in my own studio on the linoleum block, but set the type from the OCAC type collection and printed the text there, late Sunday evening. The studio was quiet and dark - it was the first night of standard time - the day after halloween.

I had spent hours in the days before preparing my text block. A full case of type in an art college is bound to be full of misplaced sorts. I had to replace nearly all of my 'b's and 'd's, not to mention a few 'p's and 'q's.

A totally satisfying process...

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