the erratic sleeping patterns of the sun deprived

My sleep habits have been atrocious lately. Atrocious, weird, and unpredictable. I'm sleep deprived and sleep saturated all at once. Last week I got up at 6 am several days in a row. Last night I stayed up until 4 am before finally dragging myself to bed, where I lay until at least 5:30.

I got up a little late, naturally, and puttered around the studio a bit before heading up to OCAC for my first day back to work after a week and half-long break. The work study students and I are involved in a cleaning and organizational frenzy preparing for the College Book Arts Association conference at the end of the week. I drove home with dust up my nose and starving.

The fog had begun to settle in the hills when I drove to the school early this afternoon. I thought about the suffocating nature of wet, wool blankets, still insulating enough to keep you alive. In the just after dusk hours of darkness the fog lay across the road and reflected my headlights back to me and I sped a little.

Tomorrow evening I start my first Iyengar yoga class. I am hoping to bring a calming, clarifying, and unifying element into my life. Yay!