so what's new?

2010 is bumping along. I can't put too much weight on these first two weeks, which started out with periodic migraines and then falling victim to the latest cold going around. Despite it all I've been having fun and enjoying my renewed sense of excitement and possibility for my work this year. Between spending hours laying about under warm blankets watching bad, bad TV, I've been puttering out to my shop in my fuzzy slippers and wool sweater, where I sip tea, pop in a book on CD, and mess around on the press.

What's on now are these extremely simple Valentine's Day cards. I'm using vintage ornaments, wood and lead type to create really bare bones designs that are nonetheless really fun to do. It's a nice break for me to just evaluate what I have in my shop to create a composition, and you know...relax and simply be a servant to the process.

The lightening bolts on this one are old cuts from an estate sale that practically fell into my lap several years ago. The tiny red bolts coming off the top of the heart were, I believe, hand-carved by the man whose small press was being sold. They're really tiny, you have to see them to believe it! I have other amazing artifacts from that sale that I'll surely talk about in the future.

These are still in progress. I love the texture of wood type.