studio day

I try to dedicate two full days a week to exclusively Tiger Food Press projects (in addition to the hours squeezed in to the other days of the week). Today was a productive studio day. Not only that, it was sunny and nearly warm. I had the windows open in the late morning, bringing in the fresh air to combat winter stuffiness.

Projects in the works today were:

1. A repair/salvage project on a perfect bound book donated to the OCAC library. Conservation and repair is not my focus, nor is it generally in my skill set. But I have enough experience in production bindery to help make this paperback book usable for the general public, as it was on the verge of exploding even before going into circulation. With a no-stakes repair like this one I feel confident enough to do a suitable re-bind.

2. Valentines/sweetheart/LOVE cards are now folded, packaged, and listed in my



3. I put the finishing touches on a wedding guestbook project that has been especially fun to do. The deep charcoal grey of the book cloth was made using cotton broadcloth fused with a backing material to make it suitable for covering book boards, and the off-white cotton wrap was fused to double thickness and then letterpress printed, also in a deep charcoal grey. This book turned out to be so elegant. I'll probably post more pictures eventually.

Tomorrow it's back to work in the book arts department at school, and then over the weekend I hope to start work on three, count them, three new exciting publishing projects. More news in that department will follow soon, as I'm really excited about all of them.