things therapy

You know that old wisdom about not going grocery shopping when you're hungry? I think the same can be applied when you're starving for color, brightness, and the changes of late winter to spring and you cross paths with the local vintage goodies store.

Thursday was one of my studio work days, and after spending the first half of the day in correspondence with customers (I have awesome clients and customers!!), doing paperwork and rummaging through 2009 receipts and invoices preparing for tax time, I picked myself up and went for a walk. Temperatures are starting to mellow out here in the Willamette Valley, and while we still get a heckuva lotta rain we also have these mild, mellow overcast days where temps are in the upper 40s. Very walkable.

I needed to make a post office run and a trip to the library. This makes for a nice two-ish mile walk from my house. I had a beer date for a little later with an old, old friend from my Bend days, but I checked my watch and realized I had a window of time to step into Sabi and Friends, a local antique/junk shop in the quaint little downtown section of St. Johns. There's a basket of vintage letterpress cuts kept in the back corner of the store that I hadn't checked out in a while...and lately I've been a sucker for little porcelain or carved wood tigers. (I never used to be much of a knick-knack person.)

I also recently went on a bit of a fabric binge. Oh the colors! This time of year, along with my spring fever, I tend to start wanting floral-y, feminine, bright and colorful things for my studio. This sweet fabric will become the trim on a printmaking apron, hopefully soon.

For the briefest moment I thought about forgoing the commercially printed stuff and stamping my own designs onto fabric, but then I thought *when the hell is that going to happen?* Girl's gotta have some luxury.