the "secrets" of success

This year I've begun two new collaborative publishing projects with local writers/artists. I won't go into very much detail at this time because both projects are in their delicate incubating stages, but I've been playing with layouts, binding dummies, and laying silver ink down on black paper today. So, it's not quite a *secret* exactly, just something to anticipate. The photo above is just a tiny of hint of more to come...

In the meantime, I should mention that this blog may be undergoing a tiny facelift in the coming days. One of my goals for the new year was to build a better blog and create something more consistent here in the studio diary. For a long time I wrestled with how much of my personal life I should include, and I even went so far as to delete a huge portion of my early posts. I decided ultimately that this blog would be dedicated singularly to the work of Tiger Food Press, along with letterpress and business themed inspiration and creative happenings in the letterpress/printmaking community. With that in mind, I began a more personal blog over at

Tiger & Monkey

. In a way this relieved me of feeling like I was either revealing too much or, on the flip side, being too technical or narrowly focused.

So while I heaved a sigh of relief after defining what my two blogs roles' were, I also realized that this blog can be personal, too, or at least try to have personality. I don't want this space to feel like an uninhabited studio. I'm here, breathing.

Anyway, the facelift: it's nothing major. I've added some buttons with links to the other places you can find me to start a conversation, or to buy something...

I think I'd like to keep the clean look of having plenty of white space, I'm partial to simplicity. I do wonder if I'm missing something. What do you think? Do you like a blog with lots of eye candy or one that lets your eyes rest a little?