good morning to you!

Have I ever mentioned that my studio is right here, in my backyard?

Also in my backyard: Blackberries. These grow wild all over the Pacific Northwest and are considered both a scourge and sweet roadside delight. On one hand, blackberries are voraciously invasive and will quickly overrun native plants and backyards. Their prickly vines burst through fences and cut through concrete; they are destructive plants. On the other hand, what could be better than walking out into the backyard in the morning and picking wild fruit for breakfast?

I love blackberries, though I hate to have to pull the never ending shoots that sneak their way into every possible nook. I also love my tiny studio, and I love that it's

right here

. But I also am starting to outgrow this little converted shed. Letterpress equipment, like blackberries, has a tendency to grow exponentially. It's big and bulky, and if I want to grow to the extent that I'd like to grow, I'll soon be bursting out of the walls and spilling out on the lawn.

How about you: Do you work from a home studio or do you commute to your art work? What is your ideal place to work, and do you prefer to make the best use of a small space, or would be happiest growing into a cavernous warehouse with endless possibility?