Letterpress Printer's Fair

I've been gumbling under my breath {and out loud} all summer about our lack of one - you know, typical Portland: grey, cloudy mornings, temperatures barely breaking the lower 70s....grumble. {Can you tell I'm a desert girl? sigh}

weights on the papergoods

Well, my wish for a few scorching days came true just in time for the Printers Fair this year. I think we hit the upper 90s, but it was the wind that was truly amazing. We gathered all of the heavy objects that we could find to weigh down the paper goods that would out of nowhere go flying off our tables. By the end of the day everyone, and everything was coated in a fine layer of grit from the traintrack nearby and the industrial yards surrounding us.

But, I don't know why - something about seeing old friends and meeting certain letterpress folks for the first time face to face, I had a smile on my face at the end of the day. An exhausted, weary, 'I'm hot and dusty' smile, but a smile nonetheless.

Ruth and Barb manning the OCAC table

I didn't sell most of the heavy stuff I had brought - I still have C&P parts and some 5 lb. cans of ink, in case anyone is interested. But my loaded up car at the end of the day was still considerably lighter than when I came in. And the beers with friends at the end of the day capped another memorable Letterpress Printers Fair.

Special thanks should be mentioned for

EM Space

, who put on a really well organized event! Three cheers!!