summer lull

Today I spent the morning sitting in the back yard, under a fleece blanket in one of our comfy wooden deck chairs...sipping coffee, writing, catching up on correspondence, and trying to plot out the next few weeks work in my studio, at OCAC, {classes start in one week!} and in my personal life - trying to squeeze a few more weeks of summer and road tripping, swimming, walking barefoot, gin and tonic tasting, not to mention WORK into periods of days ahead.

Every summer it seems I hit a little wall. Late July, early August, things just slow down creatively, productively, mentally, physically. I stop running, I wake up late, I'm restless and stay up to the wee hours pacing the house, reluctant to go to sleep for no good reason. It's the late summer lull. I've come to think of it as a necessary evil, a force that must be acknowledged and surrendered to, if only for a little while.

In the past few days I've been hit the summer lull in a hard way. But today I woke up feeling like the barometer has lifted a little. A bit of clarity and vision filtered in, and I pulled out my sketchbook, poured coffee, and tiptoed into whatever comes next.