and another week passes, part I

This week was a productive, odd, and busy; but not in any way that I had hoped or planned.

The Monkey and I are in the midst of an enormous garage cleaning project, and on Monday, although I was able to work in my studio for the first part of the day, the rest of the day was absorbed with fighting traffic while attempting to drop off various donations and recyclables at various drop-off sites around town. The amount of stuff we accumulate is startling! Most of what we found to be taking up space in the garage were half-full paint cans, bags of styrofoam packing materials kept in an attempt to keep them from the landfill, and *sigh* press parts, broken beyond repair and destined for the metal recyclers.

The rest of the week I focused on work at OCAC. For those of you unfamiliar with the school, or the changes happening there, OCAC is undergoing some major renovations.

Click here to read an article from the PORT blog about the new buildings.

In addition to the brand new building for drawing, painting, and photography, book arts has received a temporary remodel that's given us use of the old photo department's space. For the first time, possibly ever, our department is adjusting to the idea of having room to spread out. Reconsidering workflow is a major component to planning how we will ultimately arrange the space. A few weeks ago we moved in a new, (to us) second board shear, and we have a second standing press in the breezeway waiting to be moved in. All this is to say that I spent the week moving cabinets, shelving and storage around the studios at OCAC, leaving me exhausted, headachy* and dusty after every day.

*The building that houses book arts is also getting a new roof - which involves some sort of stinky glue - which results in migraines...

Punctuating this were extra yoga classes and an increased home practice, a lovely visit with OCAC's book arts resident,

Heather Green,

a beer made more delicious by the sunset view at the Skyline Tavern in the hills of NW Portland, along with some terrible, tragic news having to do with a good friend of the Monkey. It's been a strange, strange week, reminding me of how much I value my job, my colleagues, my loved ones, and the soul food that sustains our well being.