and another week passes, part II

Still running to catch up. As usual, per my regular m.o., I am late, late, late with holiday work, as well as just pokey slow with the newer broadsides and prints that are underway.

This year there WILL be a calendar - a poster sized wall calendar with the entire year at a glance. I'm looking toward early to mid November for it to hit the shelves of my Etsy shop.

For now, I'll show you a little bit of the inspiration that's fueling my calendar design and other work that's coming down the pike.

I live in a part of Portland that's part urban, part nature, part industry. A short bike ride from my front yard there are lakes, sloughs, river channels, busy harbor terminals, abandoned industrial yards and wastelands, brownfields, greenways, bike paths, container yards, dumps, wildlife habitats, ghetto-like housing, fancy new's all a mishmash squished-together melting pot. I find it richly inspiring, and my place - my environment - heavily influences my art.

Lately I've been looking at color blocking, the abstract geometry of the landscape, and the basic forms of the industrial structures juxtaposed with nature reclaiming this peninsula. Hopefully next week I'll be able to show you more of what I mean.

This weekend I'm off on a little escape. I've reserved a cabin on a river in Central Oregon and I'll be drawing, drawing, drawing, jogging, hiking, drinking Martinis at a certain lounge, and coming home with a rested head full of ideas ready to spill out and tell you about.