from dawn til dusk, dusk til dawn

Lately I've been quite a night owl. Sometimes I work late. Sometimes I stay up for no reason. It makes it hard to get up early to jump into my work. The first thing I do in the morning is make coffee, stand in my bindery, and simply sip.

I like to say that I work better at night. It's quiet, still, and nothing else needs my attention. It's my time, and my time alone. But I also know it's largely my daydreaminess that makes me too distracted to even commit to sleeping.

Are you a night owl? An early bird? A swallow longing for the sight of land?


Today was a wear-the-big-boots and the jacket-with-a-fuzzy-collar kind of day. The farm stand where I tried to buy my produce was closed due to "deep freeze."

I have to say I love Portland's current weather. I'm originally from the high desert, and despite my best efforts escaping what I thought was a dreary waste land, a la T.S. Eliot, when I was younger, it's in my bones. The dry, still, cold air. The crunch of frost beneath my feet. Funny how I hated all of that, and now I'm so thankful when I get a little reprieve from the rain - as if by being thankful it might stick around for a while.


So it's night again. I'll be up for a while doing last minute bindery, working on the designs for some book covers, and making pie crust (!) My first pie crust in, er, 17 years or so. I gave up after a single pie disaster and never looked back. Now I'm ready to re-saddle that horse and go for it. Wish me luck.

I also need to tell you about this bread! I got this recipe for

poppy seed bread


Clockwork Lemon

via Etsy. I'm telling you, you have to check out her blog and the rest of her food concoctions and photos. This bread was so easy to make, and as delicious as promised. I could barely wait for it to cool before grabbing the bread knife and mutilating it.

And finally:

Masked dancers - Qagyuhl

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone.


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