good dreamy goodness is coming soon

The best way to describe how I've been feeling over the last week is: you know those dreams in which you are running in a panic, something is chasing you, but your legs feel like they're made of weak jelly and you make no progress. You run and run and run. Faster, faster, but whatever is chasing you keeps gaining. There's no way you can outrun it.

And then...

You get distracted by something shiny.

Or you duck into an alleyway which leads you into a night club with fascinating looking people and expensive neon blue drinks and you become anonymous and swept up into the crowd.

Or you find yourself in a quiet park on a windy day.

Or whatever. You suddenly realize you've stopped running, but whatever was chasing you is still out there, and the cycle repeats itself.

Yup, that's me cranking the press like mad trying to catch up in my holiday stuff making frenzy.

Store re-opening and updates starting tomorrow morning (Sunday 11-21) around 11 am. More stuff to follow.

sweet dreams,


Update: Anyone who has ever been to Portland will know - we rarely see the sun here. There was a bit of light in the sky when I started photographing cards this morning by the "sunniest" window in the house, but alas, it wasn't enough. Tired of over-dark photos, I stopped everything and built a light box. Results to come soon. Shop updates later today.

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