she's gone crazy...

yessir, I've gone a little loopy and have interrupted my regularly cynical programming to produce some

dun, dun, dun...


This year a rash of friends announced pregnancies, and while I can't provide sound, soothing advice for new mothers, or diaper changing services, or knit cozy little booties, hats and sweaters, I can provide announcement printing.

For T & J, I printed a very simple card using the image of little baby G's footprint from the hospital. I printed this with a little transparent white on white, kid finish card stock, and printed the interior in silver using handset Bodoni Bold. I think it came out looking really lovely and understated, as we're not particularly into *cute* or over sentimental expressions.

Which leads me to these: I'm going to try selling packs of baby announcements in my Etsy store to see where it leads. To begin with, I'm using this design of wood type and some non-typical colors - a rainbow roll of silver and warm red for the word BEBE, and a rainbow roll of red and orange for the accents. I must be inspired by the colors surrounding my studio now, the poplars and maples have all burst into their autumn colors in the last week.

Most likely I'll save printing the flipside of these flat card announcements, which will include space to fill out baby's name, weight and length at birth, birthday, etc., until after I've cranked out my holiday work; but I thought I'd give you a little preview. What do you think? Do baby announcements need to be cute? Must they be powder blue and pink? I guess I'll find out!