Choreograph and The Possibility of Being Fully Rewritten

Oh, I am so remiss in not getting to this show earlier in it's run. If you can, if you are anywhere near Lake Oswego/Marylhurst University today - check out the show at the

Art Gym

, open Noon - 4 pm today - today is the last day to see this show.

"Choreograph" is exhibited in the main gallery, presenting work by Emily Ginsburg and Jane Lackey. Movement, communication, tracking, and mapping from our quotidian, repetitive actions, to a more inscrutable choreography of pattern and circuits are represented both texturally and graphically.

Inge Bruggeman has a small show in the little room in the Art Gym, "The Possibility of Being Fully Rewritten - or 5 Ways to Enter (or Exit) the Book" is spare but voluptuous. Giant stacks of letterpress printed "take-aways" meet you at the entrance of the room, their gorgeous deckles undulate in pulpy waves. It seems a shame to "disturb" the stack by actually taking one of the gorgeous prints offered. On the opposing wall, pamplet booklet pages gently sway as you pass them, breath on them while peeking around the edges of their crisp white pages that remind us to "inhale" and then "exhale." {funny how I keep finding yogic principles filtering into my life in unexpected ways.}

Take a rain day, an artist date, and go see some art. You won't regret it.