December lights, urban scavenging, fire, wine

Hello, hello, good evening, and cheers!

I can't believe it's already 8:00 pm here on the west coast. The weeks and weekends are flying by at madcap speed, carrying me along in a tumbling wind. But I'm finally finding purchase and taking hold...tonight I'm sitting alone by the fire, listening to Chopin, drinking a glass of Cabernet, and catching my breath - for the first time in many days. I've abandoned holiday shopping plans, mopping the floor plans, getting things done plans to just

take a breath.




I have some new work to show you, but I think I'll wait until Monday. There's no urgency. I'm trying to relax and luxuriate in that realization.

Today I tidied up some binding projects, (some of which I'll be presenting soon) drank copious cups of black tea, strung tiny white lights around the front door of our house while the Monkey baked cookies and plied me with hot coffee. The studio cat has been catching up on her lap sitting time. The fire is crackling (I've already mentioned that, haven't I?) & I think I'll do a little more holiday decorating before taking my wine and a pile of indulgent magazines with me to bed.

Last week the Monkey and I took a little two block jaunt over to our local park. Every year when we get a good wind storm the ground becomes littered with evergreen boughs, and I typically make a few trips into the urban forest to pick up a few choice fallen branches. This year we found an enormous stash of cedar branches recently blown down. We each grabbed as many as we could carry in our arms and hauled them home, where I tied together this doorway garland.

I hope you are able to take some time to breath during this hectic season.

Peace and be well.

P.S. Ooh, ooh! I almost forgot! I'm planning on hosting a first ever Tiger Food Ephemera giveaway early next week in time for the new year. Look for details on Monday!

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