good monday morning to you!

*A couple of things keeping me busy in the Tiger Food Press studios this week*

New journals on their way to the nipping press.

I'm calling this one the 'Keen Observations' book. A journal with the perfect amount of heft in just the right size. Easy to slip into your bag to take along wherever you go, but substantial enough to write and draw without feeling cramped.

The Red-Tailed Hawk is one of the most common predator birds seen in the Portland area. I see them frequently during my walks in the natural areas near my house. Often they are keenly scanning the landscape for little creatures as I am scanning the landscape for inspiration.

I hope to have these ready mid-week. They'll be available in at least two cloth colors, with a silverish-gold hawk printed from my hand-carved linoleum block on the cover.

Last week I started working on new prints. I'm really excited about them - I've been meaning to create more small prints for the ephemera shop, and I have several sketches in place and type set for more after this. These are in progress. There are two more press runs and colors to lay down on these before I can call them finished, but I wanted to show them in progress since I'm really pleased with how they are turning out.

There's also a story behind this image, and hopefully {hopefully!} this print will be the start of a short series of prints inspired by the same theme...I'll tell you all about it when I have this print finished and ready to show.

Well, I'm taking the last sip from my coffee now. I'm off to OCAC to assess the damage finals brought to the book arts studios. I'm sure it will seem awfully quiet up there with most of the students gone for the holidays.

A little later today I'm going to announce my first ever Tiger Food Ephemera giveaway, so I'll see you later!