reflect and revise


I'd like to make a tiny announcement: I'm going to push the


deadline back by about 24 hours. {23 hours and 59 minutes to be precise}

I know this may seem a bit sleazy, but with the holiday and people spending time with their families and friends, more than likely taking a bit of a break from the constant chatter of blogs and emails, I've decided to extend things by just a day. Commenting will officially close at 11:59 pm Monday night. On Tuesday I'll announce the winners. So many thanks to those of you who have commented so far! I'm really delighted to get to know my readers!

A wee reality playing a part in this decision is that I too have gone into a deep relaxation that I've been taking very seriously! I haven't had this much time to just hang out, eat sugary baked goods, drink mimosas, scratch the studio cat behind the ears, read, etc., etc. for months. So I'm running with it in a determined way. Plus I'd like to spend tomorrow on the mountain with the Monkey playing in the snow.


On a completely unrelated tangent, have you read

A Confederacy of Dunces

? It's one of those novels that always makes the "Top --- Novels You Need to Read Before You Die" lists that I often ignore. Well, a copy fell into my hands, and the truth is that often there's a reason those books make it on those lists. This one is a rollicking good read, unexpectedly nuanced, and I'm busting up reading it. There you go!