savoring the last moments of 2010

Today I took an extension on the weekend. Since the Monkey had the day off, I decided I would indulge myself as well. Although I've done a little puttering around the studio this evening, I'm really still in vacation mode.

It feels very luxurious, especially as this year goes rocketing toward its conclusion.

Yesterday on my run my mind wandered into planning territory. For Christmas I received a book about home food production and preservation {you'll definitely hear more about this from me soon} which has made me super excited to jump-start my food garden this year. As I went over in my mind what I could currently do in my yard, what popped into my head was there 'is plenty I could still do, as it's still only November.'


The day after Christmas, and my brain hasn't quite moved on from November...that's how desperately my brain needs to catch up with my body.

I'm typically terrible with time. Planning ahead, arriving to places punctually, and making the most of my limited amount of truly free, absolutely nothing to do time is not my strong suit, but it's something I've been working on. Multi-tasking around the clock has not proven to be the sanest method for me. Though things are accomplished, I'm not particularly happy with the process. So I suppose, although it's an ongoing struggle, being more mindful of my time - both my *on* time and my *off* time, is one of my most important resolutions for the new year.

I want to thank everyone, once again, very sincerely, who has commented on the


post. Hearing about your resolutions has been so inspiring, so in return, I'll be dropping a few of mine into the mix this week.


I also want to mention a couple of very cool sounding projects that are currently looking for funding help though


. Letterpress lovers, lovers of history and craft education, take a look at these and spread the word if you know of anyone potentially interested.

The first is a mobile letterpress education project,

Letterpress PDX

, which will focus on Portland area educational demonstrations. The second,

Moveable Type

, is also a mobile letterpress project, but with a national scope. Moveable Type has exceeded its funding goal, but I mention it here because it seems like such a great thing, and if you're interested in receiving a visit from the Movable Type van in the near future, I think it's just a matter of getting in touch with its creator and putting in a request.

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