it's commenting time!

I'm very happy to announce the First Ever Tiger Food Ephemera shop giveaway!

But before we start, I hope you'll indulge me as I weave a little background into my narrative. I've been dabbling in this world of making things for a time. I have a good decade of commercial print experience under my belt, a degree in fine art, and a studio practice that includes everything from weird art installations and quasi-performative work to print jobs-for-hire. I've tried, throughout the years, to reconcile my life as "worker bee" i.e. printer, with "maker of craft items" with "fine artist." Only recently, as in the last year or so, have I felt all of these roles comfortably coming together.

That is to say, wow, it's been a long journey here.

I hope this makes sense, because the point I'm trying to make is: I want to celebrate the end of a busy, productive year, and the support I've received from all of you, seen and unseen. I wouldn't have bothered to try to eek out my little place in this world if I hadn't thought there were people watching and listening.

So here is where you come in. I'd love to hear from you! And by you, I mean those of you who do often comment, but especially those of you who visit quietly. I'm interested in you, reader. I'd like to know who you are. So don't be shy. You are welcome to come out of the woodwork just this once at least, to say hi.

Here are the rules. If you've skipped my boring monologue so far, fine. Just read this:

To enter ~ Simply leave a comment answering one or both of these questions.

1. How did you stumble upon this blog, and are you a regular visitor? (OK, so that's two questions in one. Just humor me! And feel free to be perfectly frank. First time visitor and plan to return? Or are you just here for the giveaway with no plans to come back because I've bored you to tears? That's totally reasonable. Do you stop by periodically? Daily? Elaborate as much as you'd like.)


2. What are your New Years resolutions, if any? Tell me about your plans for 2011 - whatever they may be - I'll admit I'm one of those suckers who likes to make resolutions. There's something rejuvenating about a symbolic clean slate and the possibility of a fresh new direction. Do you stick to your plans or do they fizzle out? I truly, honestly love hearing about this stuff!

Here's the rub: if you answer both questions you'll be entered twice. Huzzah!

AND there will be THREE winners, chosen completely randomly from the list of commenters. The big huzzah will be one of my 2011 letterpress printed calendars! Second and third huzzah will be a fabulous shwag bag full of letterpress printed goodness.

So let's get started! Comments will be open until midnight, PST, Monday, December 27. Later that day I'll draw names using a super double-blind name-drawing dealie and I'll make my announcements.

And finally, thank you so, so much!!

P.S. Remember to check out the eclipse tonight if you can!

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