hello 2011!

At midnight on January 1st I was running across the St. Johns bridge.

I'm a night person anyway, so why not, I reasoned, take care of my last run of 2010 and my first run of 2011 all in one go?

Crystal clear, cold skies, air that bites just a little when it enters your lungs. Ship horns up-harbor bellowing the most melodious and melancholy horn symphony I'd ever heard, accompanying firecrackers, cowbells, shouting filling the night air.

I hit my stride after the day turned over, feeling as if my feet had wings. Midway across the bridge I broke out into a grin, feeling the perfection of the moment.

I sped home to a champagne toast with the Monkey, a fire blazing in the wood stove, and a warm black bean casserole just out of the oven.

Wishing you a new year full of hope, harmony, sweet delights, happy surprises and well-being.

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