I suppose it was about time. I've been evading capture by the super bugs and I've dodged and darted my way past the germs and beasties, but finally my immune system threw in the towel. I feel a little like this rusty old goal post that's been kicked a few too many times and has been left out in the rain.

But I'm mending quickly, and I've got a few new things to talk about when the fog finally lifts completely. In the meantime, I just wanted to say *hi!*


A commenter here recently asked about receiving a periodic newsletter or joining some sort of email list wherein I might send updates about the goings on in my studio, or other news and relevant links. To this I say: what a good idea! I have the tiny beginnings of an email mailing list, but to date I've only ever sent out announcements when I have an upcoming show. However, a more consistent and reliable newsletter is something I've wanted to start for a while now.

So please, if you are interested in receiving periodic updates via newsletter, go ahead and click the email link in the sidebar and shoot me a message with the subject heading "newsletter." Eventually, I'd like to create a streamlined "sign me up" link you might be able to click directly to, but for now I think this should work.

I imagine this would be a monthly thing at most, and you would always have the option to unsubscribe.