Letterpress Class - Beyond Beginner

In a town like Portland, rich with letterpress classes and top-notch places to learn to set type and make your first impressions, such as

Oregon College of Art and Craft


Em Space Book Arts Center

, and the


, there are ample opportunities to take a beginning, or introductory level letterpress classes.

Finding a class that takes you a little farther than just "beginner" is a bit tougher. There are great classes available at all of the above mentioned places, but they're simply offered less frequently. That's why I think it's always a great time to jump on an intermediate level letterpress class.

Can you guess that this is a self-plug? There's still room in my upcoming Intermediate Letterpress class starting March 10. It's a five week class - just the right amount of time to get your hands dirty learning some new skills.

Visit OCAC's website - www.ocac.edu, or

click here for the direct link to the studio school page

to sign up. You can also

click here

for a full description of the class.

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