handmade paper - exposed

hand made gampi paper

I'd promised to update my paper making experience by showing my finished sheets when they were finally dry. I've had them in my greedy little possession for days and days now (when was it I took that class...time seems to have the cruise control set at 910 mph lately.)

Here they are. In order that they are shown they are:

1. Hand-beaten gampi. Literally beaten with a stick. A down-and-dirty method of producing a rough paper, but paper no less.

2. A cotton mixed with (it shames me not to remember what plant) a plant fiber from Helen Hiebert's yard. Also some cotton sheets, with gampi and abaca paper in the background.

3. A sheet of over beaten abaca. I love the way the paper ripples here. I'm sure there are ways of controlling and preventing that from happening, but I also think there must be cool ways of exploiting the rippling to make more sculptural forms with the sheet. Something I'd love to explore more.

4. And my personal experiment - recycled cotton sheets from previously printed Lettra. I used off-prints and extras from prior printing jobs from my studio and beat them in the Hollander beater. The resulting paper made a lofty white sheet with little speckles of color from the paper's previously printed life. Occasionally tiny letters pop out - love it! I made enough of this that I'll be able to put together gift packs for friends.


As an aside -

pardon my dust

. I'm doing a little bloggy facelift around here as part of my spring makeover on all of my online sites. Things should settle down here soon, and then I'll move on to my


, which I plan to freshen up pretty dramatically!

I also haven't had much time to wander through all of the blogs I love to visit. Hopefully I can catch up with you all soon!