news from the studio

Yesterday I hit the blog renovations with an unexpected enthusiasm. I had other plans - to print, in fact. But instead I pulled out the digital jack-hammer and hard hat and went to work. I think any further changes will require just a small trowel and perhaps a dust mop...until I feel the need for a change again. But it feels good, like a spring cleaning. I'd welcome any feedback about navigation and user-friendliness.

In the short time I was out in the print studio yesterday, I snapped some shots with the Hipstamatic app on my phone. A day in the life, en ambre.

I have so much planned for the next three months. It's been hard to find time to write, even though I have a million things to write about. So here are my top 10 things I want to tell you:



! I've mentioned before that I'd like to start an e-newsletter for those interested in receiving one. It's finally coming together. Tiger Food Press will never send more than one email a month - so no spammy, crowded inboxes - and my intent is to keep you informed about upcoming events well in advance of when I might talk about them on my blog, as well as compile any other arts and crafts related happenings that might interest an arty-crafty person. On top of that, newsletter subscribers will receive special offers and coupons not available to non-subscribers. Sound like a good thing? I hope so!

If you have sent me an email in the past expressing interest in joining my mailing list, consider yourself subscribed. For those of you new to my blog, or newly interested in receiving a newsletter,

fill out the handy new form in the sidebar

! If you're unsure if you've signed up in the past, go ahead and sign up again. I'm looking forward to connecting with you!

9. Also new on the blog sidebar is a

"subscribe by email"

option to follow my regular blog posts via email. Isn't the modern world great?

8. I've been


for a little while now, but now you can also catch me on


, where I micro-blog when I don't have time to create these long, meaningful, insightful, eloquently phrased, delicately sensible, full-length blog posts. (You know my tongue is planted firmly in my cheek, right? I just love to see myself ramble!)

7. I'm busy making a ton of work for the

Rieke Art Fair

Sunday May 1

. I participated in this fair last year, and honestly, I was not well prepared. This year I'm cranking out new stationery, blank books, and prints, and I'm holding my breath!

6. OCAC Annual Spring Book Arts Sale! More details to come - but save the dates.

Saturday May 14 and Sunday May 15.

This year we're going for two days, and we're partnering with the more established metals and ceramics departments' sales.

5. Tiger Food Press is gearing up to expand its online retail and wholesale venues starting this spring and early summer. One -

Big Cartel

, is for sure, I'll be linking you up just as soon as the store is stocked. This venue will be for made-to-order social stationery, books and boxes. In other words, business card templates for semi-customizable and affordable letterpress options, semi-customizable wedding save-the-dates, albums and boxes with customizable cloth, retail packaging and labeling.

4. Also - a new, dedicated place to sell my artist books online! Details to emerge slowly and tantalizingly.

3. Phwew, almost there.

The Bend Project

, which I wrote about, albeit mysteriously,


. I'm researching and writing grants to fund this behemoth. But I think I may have a gallery set up to show the work in 2012! Yippee!


New Oregon Arts & Letters

, the nonprofit arts organization, of which I am on the board of directors, is now publishing

Plazm Magazine

. Issue #30 will launch May 9, followed by the launch of, an online archive of

Plazm Magazine

, as well as being an archive of Pacific Northwest and national culture, design, typography, and arts editorial. We're working hard to enter content into the new platform to have online and ready to browse.

1. And finally,

The Hunt

! For now I'll simply send you


to read about it. Believe me, I'll have much to tell you about this project soon. I've been having regular idea-generating sessions with a good friend of mine who also has an imminent show opening, and I'm really excited about where my piece is heading. Keep an eye out for announcements of this show which will open in early July at the

Hoffman Gallery