I've missed this place.
It's been an unusual few months. I was offered a teaching job that was too good to refuse. And there I've been, immersed, swimming in teaching. Teaching at this level is absolutely new to me. Absolutely new. I haven't been to grad school. I've never had the opportunity to teach as a fellow. I'm years enough out of undergrad that I didn't remember how to critique. I am skillful, and hopefully I've imparted some of that, but mostly I've been floating a-sea. Swimming, swimming, swimming. Treading water.
At the end of this week I'll be seeing my students' final projects. I'm so excited. I have AMAZING students. I'll be sad that next semester they will no longer be such a huge part of my life. They have been an enormous inspiration to me. But I am also ready to recover my own emotions, my own brain, and my own work. I think I'll become a better artist from this experience. I hope some of my students feel the same way.