Does the Work of 5 Men

I'm in the middle of reading

Sometimes a Great Notion

. I sink into bed late at night with a glass of wine and snap on my little pin lamp so as not to wake the Monkey, and I read as many paragraphs or pages as I can get through before my eyelids drop permanently. It's typically a fast process. I'm exhausted lately. It's been months of 12 hour days, but it's been incredibly fulfilling.

But back to that book.

Sometimes a Great Notion

is epic. It's monstrous. I'm absolutely swept away by it, and I'm only a third of the way through. The Monkey has his own notion of Kesey, a notion formed of the


days and of a rambling, roving hippie. There's also his impression of Kesey gleaned through Hunter S. Thompson's

Hells Angels

. But before Kesey became captain of the trippiest bus that criss-crossed the country, he was an Oregon boy. A champion wrestler, too.

Sometimes a Great Notion

revolves around the Stamper family and the logging strike that is eating away at a little Oregon town. Since the arrival of the chainsaw, work gets done a helluva lot faster. It does the work of five men. But logging is still back-breaking, ball-busting work. Somebody's got to do it.

I spent some time camping at a logging site with a logging family when I was young. It was stark and desolate among the stumps. When it rained there was no shelter. It wasn't pretty, it wasn't recreation. But it has, in a long lineage of hindsight, given me perspective. A glimpse into a world endangered, nearly extinct (my rage at our decades of clear-cutting our forests into extinction notwithstanding.)

Anyway. Lately I've been working really hard, too. Luckily, I love what I do, and I intend to do this until the skin wears away from my fingertips and I can no longer stand at my press to crank the handle one last time.

Aside from my solo show which recently opened, I'm working toward a summer full of work to send off to various places around the country.

Here's a little glimpse:

Typical Rimrock and Desert Scenery, collagraph and photopolymer, 2012

Does the Work of 5 Men, collagraph and photopolymer, 2012