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Week Montage
Week Montage


I tried to go see Kara Walker talk at Reed. I say tried because by the time I'd gotten across town, during the tail end of rush-hour, the auditorium was full and they were turning people away at the door.

Seeing Kara Walker, as extraordinary as she is, was really just an extra motivating push to go see my friend

Tiffany Lee Brown's evolving work

on display at


in the Reed library. We met outside of the library, which also houses the

Cooley Gallery

, and wound through the line to see Kara Walker's exhibit. I will go some other time I decided after peering at the crowd - and the crowd control - docents at the door letting only small groups in.

Inside the library, we met a couple of friends who were also avoiding the crowds. In the foyer of the library there's a display of artist books under glass which are each examples of unreadable, unreachable, made-up, or secretive text. Among the author/artists I recognized were Xiu Bing, Tim Ely, Diane Jacobs. 

Then on to CaseWorks. Please go see this if you have the chance. It will evolve over the winter and spring, and I'm excited to witness the evolution.


A Recap of this week: I haven't made anything so far, it was a week for looking at art and catching up with old friends. There are drawings on my work table begging for some further action, but I guess this is the week for breathing, looking, and seeing new things.

1. Seattle, nieces, family. Amusement park farm. Rides. My sister-in-law saying, "I want to do something harvesty!"

2. Kara Walker, Reed College, CaseWorks. Saffire Hotel, pink wine, pink chenille. Boot stomping and hugs.

3. First Presidential debate.

4. First Thursday. I never, EVER go to First Thursday. Except for this week.

6/one at the White Box Gallery

, boring book art sculptures at

Contemporary Craft Gallery

, but awesome Plazm archives exhibit,

Keegan Onefoot at Hellion Gallery


5. The Farm Cafe, catching up, First Friday. I never, EVER go to First Friday. Except for this week...

Em Space post card show

. Last week of

INKED! at 23 Sandy


6. The Monkey, Tiger Bar, late show.

7. Teaching: Letterpress for Graphic Designers. Class is on the press already, time is going by so quickly. Printing went well today.