Just a Few Things

Today I really should have gotten out early. I have some work that needs to be done at the computer, and as I sat at my desk in front of the window whose view reveals a sliver of Forest Park's hills, I thought about how beautiful it was outside. How nice it would be to go for a walk, or little hike *just after I finish.*


Now it's raining to beat the cars as E.B. White once said. Maybe I'll pile on the rain gear and shlep out anyway. In the meantime, I want to show you a few things.

My 2013 calendar


2013 Tiger Food Press Letterpress Calendar
2013 Tiger Food Press Letterpress Calendar

This is one of two calendar designs I'll be releasing. I have a red-tailed hawk design following this one shortly.

Also, a new print:

And last,

some little books


I love making these guys. I'm hoping to release a new cover design each month so eventually there'll be a wide variety to chose from. These are handmade from the ground up. I draw the illustration, print, and bind these. And they're sewn never stapled!

Well, I think I'll pull on the ol' rain boots now and see what nature can throw at me


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