A Month of Mondays, and a Book or Two

You know, some projects will always have a story connected to them in my mind. Not always my own story. I think I've mentioned on multiple occasions that I often listen to audio books in my studio while I work. I recently finished a job of two custom books, and when I went to look at the photos I had taken of them, the first thing that came to mind was the book I was listening to throughout the steps of this project.

So from now on, these books will be the

Illustrated Man

books, connected to Ray Bradbury as much as they are to the artist who commissioned them.

Blank Books
Blank Books
Blank Books
Blank Books

And I also must tell you, before I forget, that


is rocketing to the top of my all time favorite reads. This, and I'm only halfway through myself.

In other news,

Tiger Food Press

is getting an overhaul. A new website will be online by

April 1st

, Early April! and new commerce options are on their way. Tell me staring at computer screens, editing photos and torturing copy out of my dry little fingers is worth it. It will be. Promise.

Forest Park
Forest Park
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