The Desert and the Last Days of Summer

I drove out east in my trusty Subaru with a good old friend of mine to catch the last full moon of the summer season, and to spend the final three days of summer in a desert heat and squall. We soaked in hot springs and drank whiskey, hid out in our respective tents munching on dried fruit and sipping beer while the predicted storms blew us by, and cooked delicious meals on a propane stove while we chewed on the details of the novels we were reading, the cast of the sun on the roughly painted hills, and the thickness of the sage in the air.

I am now back home, barreling full-throttle toward the holiday season, nearly ready to present my newest line of custom and production work for the season that's nearly upon us, and savoring the first bites of fall air, thick with chimney smoke and wool socks drying by the fire.