The Making Of: The Indulgence Book

Today I finished the bindery on three leather bound journals; a decadent limited edition wrapped in buttery-soft deerskin. The size and heft of these books is truly something to swoon over. I can see myself feeling thoroughly indulgent with a book like this, sipping coffee in the morning, writing pages upon pages.

As I began to describe this book in my Etsy listing, I realized I really wanted to talk about what makes this book so special, what sets it apart from many other leather books you might find on Etsy or similar venues. I wanted to talk about what extra steps go into making a book like this versus a long-stitched journal, which is a popular, yet less expensive bindery style.

First of all, there's absolutely nothing wrong with long-stitch bindings. If I were a saner woman I would make and sell them myself. But I am not a saner woman. I am a woman obsessed with details, and I love the details involved in the more time-intensive bindings, however crazy they making they may be.

So if you're interesting in a peek into my bindery process, take a breeze through the gallery below by clicking on the images.