The First of Many

J and I have an informal tradition of heading to the foothills on New Years Day. This year we found ourselves out past Estacada, trailing along the Clackamas River, then climbing steadily into the treeline. I like to think that this first day of the year outing sets the tone for many more days like it to come. 

My little household is undergoing some expansive changes this year. J and I are both shedding some old skins, stepping away from a few activities and clubs that have run their course in our lives, and by shedding those obligations, we're making room for new and more homeward focused projects and goals.

The most exciting change for me is that Tiger Food Press will be my full-time job from now on. I've given notice at the art school where I've worked part time for four and half years. My job at OCAC has given me so much in terms of inspiration, community, and the opportunity to develop within my field. I've taught, served on thesis committees, fixed broken parts, organized and sorted, re-arranged and re-built rooms over and over again. I've met many, many colleagues in the book arts field who have come to the campus to teach. I've made friends who live across the country and across town. I've gotten to know some of the most inspiring and inspired students, and I've cried at graduations. I've worked only part-time at this school all of this time, but as I tell people, my heart is there 100%.

But life spirals forward, and it's partially due to the connections I've made through the school and the confidence I've built over the past few years that I'm ready to move ahead. I'm so, so, so excited to be taking Tiger Food Press full time. 

There are times in our lives when change becomes inevitable, and there are times when we've had enough and desire only to sit still.

I'd love to hear about what you're doing in this new year. Are you stretching your wings in any way? Are you making changes, be they major shifts in your life's course, or minor adjustments that may eventually add up to something? Whatever the case, I hope your journey leads you to smooth paths and a view above the timberline.