Wildflowers, Weddings, and Crows - A Sunday Shop Update

Just a few notes as I'm making my first shop update since my shop clearance this fall. Today I've listed a new batch of useful and beautiful notebooks. These are hand-sewn as always, featuring an illustration taken from a sketchbook scribble made in the John Day area of Oregon. This little doodle was never meant to represent any particular western species, but rather an abstract gesture to capture the sublime simplicity of certain weeds and wildflowers found along the roadsides in late summer. Maybe you can take it along on your own wildflower viewing excursions?

Also, C'est Crow, she is back! I truly thought I had sold out of this print, but in my recent studio clean out I found two are left in the edition, numbers 7/20 and 8/20. I'm really happy to have this little print back in the shop, but I'd be happier to see them fly away to new homes.

And finally, I'm pleased to announce that I've listed my custom wedding certificate in the Tiger Food Press shop. Designing wedding certificates just keeps getting more and more fun. I think they're a great idea for blending the traditional with the unexpected and new, and they make a beautiful keepsake to hang on the wall for years to come.

Of course, all of this can be found at Tiger Food Press on Etsy. I always appreciate your visits!

Happy Sunday, everyone!