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Yesterday while I was bustling about my Etsy shop taking care of business, I noticed, in tiny text at the top right of the screen the words "Opened February 4, 2008."

It's really fun for me to think back on that time, six years ago. I was just beginning to think about making my little business something more than a word-of-mouth, hit-and-miss operation. I began a blog on Typepad, (what a sweet little platform) and subsequently deleted most of it within the year. I lurched ahead by starts and stops. I hadn't found my footing as an artist, maker, craftsperson, or writer.

I had only just discovered Etsy, and I quickly and impulsively listed some handmade books I had leftover from my very first holiday craft fair, and some cards printed while I was still a student. To my surprise, I began selling within a few days of opening (those were the days!)

It's been a long and terrifically fun road to canter down ever since then. My business, along with my Etsy shop, took intentional breaks for reevaluation, and I suffered slowdowns despite my best efforts. But I also learned by leaps and bounds. I continue to learn. Etsy is only a teeny-tiny portion of my business, but I think of it as my anchor.

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Thank you so much for sticking with me!

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