Stories That Women Tell

My book Typical Rimrock and Desert Scenery will be on display this month at the Cawein Gallery at Pacific University. I'll be giving a wee artist talk today. I'm winging it, wish me luck! 

In honor of Women’s History Month, the Cawein Gallery will exhibit artist books by 11 women artist-storytellers. Storytelling is a timeless part of the human experience. From the early sharing of oral traditions to the first written word to today’s social media, humans seem hard-wired to love a good story. In this exhibition, 11 women artists will tell their own stories through the media of handmade artist books.
PARTICIPATING ARTISTS | ShuJu Wang, Susan Collard, Laurie Weiss, Helen Hiebert, Diane Jacobs, Nancy Pobanz, Laura Russell, Andie Thrams, Trishia Hassler, Clare Carpenter, Patty Grass.

Artist Talk 11:am~12pm @CLIC
Opening Reception 12Pm~1Pm @ Gallery
Cawein Gallery 
Pacific University
2034 College Hall
Forest Grove, OR 97229