Harvest: Wild and Domestic. And a Studio Sale!

the sweetness of the harvest

Reflecting on this long summer from the last week of it ~ summer full to overflowing with berries, wild and farmed; staining fingers, filling bellies, filling freezers. Gathering, cutting, splitting, and stacking wood from land near Mt. Hood. Tending seeds to maturity here at home in the garden. Swimming in deep, cold rivers, running wooded trails, then back to the forest to forage. Back to the garden to harvest.


Summer's long days mean long days of work, from the trail, to the studio, to the kitchen to clean and prepare for the winter. The cans stack up in the pantry and the freezer fills with bags, each weighed, dated, and lovingly sealed. For every plant that reaches its yield, I am thankful for this long hot summer, but also from the relief of the harvest, if even only temporary. After canning my last cucumber pickle, after freezing my final can of sauce. The final grape harvest. Soon to be apples, squash...and then, quiet and the coming darker days.

The harvest sale

I've made a decision, and everything must go! Well, almost everything. In the spirit of the harvest, I've realized that I want to make a completely new start, to begin again with a clean slate, to clear out the shelves to make room for an entire new body of work, as the garden beds are cleared and prepared for future planting. So I'm running a massive clearance sale. Use coupon code EVERYTHINGMUSTGO2014 for 50% off of anything and everything in my Tiger Food Ephemera shop between now and September 20th. After that almost all of my inventory will go off the shelf for good.

Visit Tiger Food Press to browse before it's all gone!

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