New, Rose Hips

Dear friends,

There's much going on behind the screen here at Tiger Food Press. I'm busy, and also alight with a creative sparkle and flow that's keeping me tucked neatly into my drawing room all day, every day. This ebb and flow is just how it works, and I haven't taken up the keyboard to drop a line lately. On top of that, everything is so in its infancy, all still in little tiny parts and eraser flakes. The quickening is happening beneath the surface, I feel the emergence of spring. I can't wait to show you.

For now, I have new notebooks in the shop. Rose hips, first drawn this fall after a good November frost had hardened them off, and finally printed.

How has winter been where you are? Here it's been stormy and warm, mingled with long stretches of sunny days. Our snow has gone missing from the mountains and I've finally given up hope of good nordic backcountry skiing this year close to home, so I'm turning my thoughts to spring mountain biking. Tell me about your weather and what you are out and about doing in it.