Sunny, Sunday, Sketchbook, Sale

It's into the afternoon here in sunny Portland, Oregon. I'm tap, tap, tappity-tapping away at my computer keyboard attempting to tie up some work before I head into the backyard to ready a small plot for our impending chicken coop. We're about to become chicken parents here at the Tiger Food homestead. Clea the Cat and the Machinist have been hard at work pulling weeds and measuring 2 x 4s and eating tender blades of grass (can you guess who is doing what?) for at least an hour already, and I'm chomping at the bit to start Sunday-ing.

But first, I want to tell you that I'm having a one week only 25% off sale on all notebooks in my Etsy store. The weather is gorgeous here on the west coast, and even if you're still under snow you know that warm weather is coming - ideal for taking the notes for your latest novel or poetry collection outside. Pocket notebooks are perfect for this, don't you know. You can even write your grocery list in them next to your pithy thoughts on the felicity of spring.

The sale is on now through next Sunday at Tiger Food Press. Prices are already marked down, so you won't even need to mess with a coupon code.

Easy like Sunday morning.