The Little Minnow Who Could

On February 18, 2015, a tiny fish endemic to the Willamette Valley in Oregon known as the Oregon Chub was delisted from the Endangered and Threatened Species list. This little minnow who could is the first fish to ever be taken off the list due to recovery. 

This print is the first in a series of prints representing endangered, threatened, or recovering animals, and celebrates the work of environmentalists and the Department of Fish and Wildlife to rehabilitate the critical habitat necessary for this important fish to thrive.

Printed in three colors from a hand carved linoleum block on 100% cotton Canson Editions Paper using my mid-century Vandercook proof press.

This print measures 8" x 10", and is signed and numbered on the front. Limited edition of 27.

AND - for a limited time, two days to be specific - this print will be on an introductory sale for only $20! No coupon necessary.

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