The Ramshackle Garden (And An Art Fair All In One Post)

I have a ramshackle garden. It's overgrown with weeds, and is really quite feral. Can I even call it a garden if it's so ill-tended and haphazard? What's beautiful about its accidental, unkempt nature is that it's full of surprises. Each year my rose bush catches me off guard. This sweet thing was a rescue rose from a co-worker whose husband "hated roses", so I adopted it, plopped it in a corner and didn't expect much from it. I swear I do absolutely nothing for this poor specimen but here it is, exploding with pink blooms, which in the fall will harden off into hips. This beauty nourishes me year round. It gives and asks nothing in return.

The sun has been such a presence this year. We're having a record warm year, like much of the west, which is pushing all the growing things ahead of schedule. A local farm where I pick strawberries in June has announced that picking will begin by Mother's Day this year. I'm balancing the alarming, gnawing concern over strange weather patterns with languid appreciation of this balmy green landscape.

Despite the warmth and the perfect weather to garden in earnest, I haven't yet begun to plant vegetables this year. Three cheers to The Machinist for weeding the front garden beds in anticipation of planting, but I've been in a tunnel of work and preparation for upcoming shows. All things garden are halted, including unfortunately, our chicken coop plans...though I'm confident forward momentum will carry us through in a week or two.

And through the tunnel comes a pile of work I'm looking forward to showing off over the next few weeks, and a handful of art fairs where I hope to see some of you who are local.

I'll be at the Rieke Art Fair again this year. This will be my fifth year! I say this every year but I keep doing this show because the vibes are so good. I have met so many wonderful people,  other artists and crafters, and wonderful long-term customers through this sale. It coincides with the opening of the Hillsdale Farmers Market, and this year it looks like the weather will be absolutely perfect!

Rieke Art Fair || Sunday, May 3 || 10am - 4pm || 1405 SW Vermont