Business Black

This year has been the year of black ink.

Not only have I been gravitating toward using much more black in my personal work, but my clients have as well.

Since my website update is moving along slowly, slowly, slowly, I thought I'd drop some images of new work here on the blog. These are three recent cards I've printed using different blacks, all on Pearl White Lettra paper ~ a soft white paper that sets off the drama of the dark ink beautifully.

Allison's cards received a lighter touch on the impression because the graphic and text portions of this double-sided card backed-up directly on top of each other.

This design used a crow image taken from an engraving made by a friend of Allison. The original crow print was very black on a dark background. I was able to scan the 9" x 12" print and digitally cut the crow away from the background. I was happy that the scan captured a good amount of the hatch-mark detail and some of that detail even survived shrinking the image to fit the small format of the card.

Plazm's card, designed by Josh Berger, has the perfect layout for hitting the impression a bit harder. Josh wanted an impression that you could feel. This black is a jazzed up Black 7, black with a bit of silver mixed in.

I laid out Todd's card to back up so that the impression on both sides wouldn't hit each other. This artist told me that the symbol of St. Ingnatius had special meaning for him. I was able to find a low-resolution .gif of that symbol, which I hand-traced in Illustrator to create a clean vector for the graphic on this card.

These are just a handful of lovely all black designs I've printed this year, and I've got several more lined up for when I return from road-tripping in early June. Stay tuned!


And on that note, I'm wrapping up my work week. I'm headed south to Santa Fe tomorrow via the highways of the west. See you when I return on June 5th!