One of the very best parts of my job is getting the chance to meet and work with people like Ian Tadashi Moore on projects such as his illustrated children's book, Zōsan.

Ian contacted me late last year with a project in mind ~ a book of illustrations and lyrics from a Japanese song ~ Zōsan. Ian is a letterpress appreciator, in all regards. As an illustrator and designer who works in print, he understands what makes letterpress special. The more we chatted, the more I realized that I wanted to see Ian's work in print almost as much as he did, and I wanted to help him figure out a way to do it.

Over the months we've been in contact, I've been consistently blown away, absolutely in awe, of Ian's devotion to this project. Through the revisions of the illustrations I've seen attached to emails or through his social media outreach, to the expansion of the project to include an entire story, written by Ian himself, along with an audio book recording of the story, all have impressed on me that this project has life breathed into it and is a thing full of beauty and potential.

I'm personally so excited about it.

The illustrations are nearly complete. The printers, myself and Eberhardt Press in Portland, are ready to roll, and the audio book is in progress. This project just needs a little more help to get off the ground.

I hope you'll check out all of the links below to see for yourself how fun this project can be. Please spread the word if you're inclined, and check out the Kickstarter campaign which has a little over a week to go and much support already.

Here are the song lyrics that inspired the story, in English, Japanese, and “Romaji”.

Elephant, Elephant

You have a very long nose

Yes my mama 

has a long nose, too


Elephant, Elephant

Tell me, who do you love?

Well, you know it’s my mama

that I love.












zōsan, zōsan

o-hana ga nagai no ne

so yo, kasan mo

nagai no yo


zōsan, zōsan

dare ga suki na no yo

ano ne… kasan ga 

suki na no yo